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Evaluation of Electro-Optic Behavior of Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals Displays with V-Shaped Response

Virginia Urruchi del Pozo ,Isabel Pérez Garcilópez ,Carmen Vázquez García ,José Manuel Sánchez Pena

Dpto. Tecnología Electrónica, E.P.S., Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

In the last years, chiral smectic liquid crystals with V-shaped electro-optic response have been reported as one of the most promising technologies for display applications. In this work, some experiments have been made in order to check electrooptical performance of this kind of materials. Particularly, frequency dependence of optical response and memory effect in transmission have been analyzed. Microscopic observations of intermediate transmission levels and measurements of apparent tilt angle and response time have been also carried out.

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