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Spectral decomposition in anisotropic liquids

Valery S Volkov

Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

The spectral approach to the Maxwell liquids with arbitrary anisotropy is presented. It is based on the spectral decomposition of viscosity and relaxation time tensors. In this way the general structure of anisotropic viscoelasticity becomes quite transparent. Special cases of viscous and relaxation spectra are considered. They reduce the number of independent viscoelastic parameters. The viscoelastic orientation dynamics is also discussed. The symmetry and thermodynamic analysis show that the nematic viscoelasticity of Maxwell type is characterized by the second-order director equation. This equation gives the correct results in viscous and elastic limits. The spectral theory of soft (zero-energy) viscoelastic eigenmodes is developed. They have predicted for complex anisotropic liquids. The present structure-continual theory of anisotropic liquids can be applied for analyzing flows of LC polymer systems and polymer suspensions with particles of arbitrary shape.

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