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Blue-phase-polymer-templated nematic with sub-millisecond broad-temperature range electro-optic switching

Oleg D. Lavrentovich ,Jie Xiang

1 Liquid Crystal Institute and Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program

We report on fast electro-optic switching (response time 0.1 ms) of a blue-phase-polymer templated nematic with a broad- temperature range of thermodynamic stability and hysteresis- free performance. The nematic fills a polymer template that imposes a periodic structure with cubic symmetry and submicron period. In the field-free state, the nematic in polymer template is optically isotropic. An applied electric field causes non-zero optical retardance. The approach thus combines beneficial structural and optical features of the blue phase (cubic structure with submicron periodicity) and superior thermodynamic stability and electro-optic switching ability of the nematic filler.

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