Effects of Dielectric Relaxation on Director Dynamics in Uniaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals

Mingxia Gu,

Kent State University

Director reorientation dynamics is essential to most of today’s liquid crystal technologies. Advances in research have allowed one to reduce the response times from millisecond to microsecond and even to nanoseconds. For these small time scales, the description of the director dynamics requires a proper account of the dielectric dispersion effects. However, the first analysis of the role of dielectric dispersion in the director dynamics has been performed only very recently. Previous investigations were limited to dual frequency NLCs, and considered only a single dielectric relaxation process. In this thesis, we lift these limitations and propose a model that accounts for multiple processes of dielectric relaxations in both parallel and perpendicular dielectric permittivities. The model yields a number of counterintuitive predictions such as the polar contribution to the dielectric coupling between the field and the nematic liquid crystal.

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