Self-assembly and characterization of anisotropic metamaterials

Jacob Paul Fontana

Kent State University

This work focuses on experimentally synthesizing, characterizing and self-assembling gold nanorod composites for optical metamaterial applications. A method for phase transferring gold nanorods from aqueous to organic suspensions was developed. This enabled the gold nanorods to be aligned by a external electric field, achieving high order parameters. By aligning the nanorods this enabled us to develop a method to measure the real and imaginary phase shifts of light transmitted through the suspensions allowing an experimental characterization technique to be developed to determine the principal values of the electric susceptibility tensor for gold nanorods at optical frequencies. Once the optical susceptibilities of the individual nanorods were determined self-assembled densely-packed films of small aspect ratio, orientationally-ordered, silica-encased gold nanorods in square millimeter domains were created, via solvent evaporation and applied electric field.

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